Monday, February 1, 2016

Parging repairs and stucco repairs offer & warning in calgary

CALGARY PARGING LTD                   

Calgary Parging is offering all sorts of Parging and Parging repairs ! We specialize in Pargings, Foundation repairs, Cracks, flaking, moulding, leaking and/or fixing just plain ugly Pargings!

Experts in
-Cement Parging with texture.
-Cement Parging smooth & flat.
-Cement Parging with Acrylic stucco, 1000's of colour to pick from.
-Cement Parging with cultured stone, 100's of stones to pick from.
-Cement Parging with Natural stone, 100's of stones to pick from.
-ICF Foam Parging with diamond mesh, cement parging with texture or smooth float.
-ICF Foam Parging with Fiber mesh, adhesive polymers basecoat with Acrylic stucco finish.
-Treated wood Pargings with all the above finishes.

Protecting & waterproofing Basement windows
-Blueskin, flashing, Parging New windows.

Please Check our work on the following.
BBB                                                           (Calgary Parging rated A+)

Google+  (Best Site to view our pictures)


Yellow Pages ( reviews from customers )

LETS BE SMARTER FOR 2016-  BE AWARE of ConArtist Contractors!
Most Important Thing to remember when hiring a Contractor.

Are they Licensed? Insured? Certified? <~~THIS should be a MUST,
SAVE yourself the potential problem, Protect your $$$$$$$$$$'s

CHECK references! INSPECT previous work! HOW knowledgeable   is your contractor? don't be afraid to Ask lots of questions.
spend at least five minute researching your contractor online,
If you can't find much information, how will you find them when something goes wrong?
TRUST in the big brands!  BBB, Yellow-pages, Google.
we love KIJIJI for business but unfortunately SO DO Criminals, ConArtists AND Non-professionals/Amateurs.
(Nothing wrong with hiring Amateurs or newbies, we all need to start somewhere,  (As long as you know what you're getting,
Save some dollars but keep an eye on them)

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